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Where To Ride In Southern Alberta

Pick Your Local Ride

Southern Alberta has great trails for all levels of riding - whether you’re looking to build on skills or challenge yourself, there’s something for everyone. Read more about some of our favorites, including a trail carved out by one of our own. Call or visit the shop with any questions, we’re happy to help point you in the right direction and get your day of riding started.

Beginner Trails

Stout Trail

Easy access trail toward most of the college area trails. Gentle slope with no discernable features.

Violet Tendency

Good flow trail with gradual turns and no jumps. A common up-travel trail as well.

The Muff

This trail is a great ride for beginners and experts alike. Fast flowing corners from start to finish that can be taken at any pace you feel comfortable.

Intermediate Trails

Love Bump

A new favorite in town, this trail combines jumps, flow, and a little tech.


As the name suggests, this trail uses natural features in the landscape to create a fun jump hail with multiple lines. Explore away!

Easton’s Trail

A good jumping off point for learning new skills. Our very own Easton made this trail and it has made it on to a lot of people's top-trail lists over the years.

Advanced Trails

Black Mamba

Not for the faint of heart, this trail is the most steep/technical in town. Off-camber, loose terrain, rock rolls and jumps; you need your wits about you!

Barley Brew

Steep beginning. The trail consists of curvy singletrack that crosses over a limestone walking path (watch out for pedestrians!) It gets somewhat steep in a couple of sections throughout, so make sure your brakes are working!

Black Mamba Trail

Black Mamba Trail

Easton's Trail 1

Easton's Trail

Easton's Trail 2

Easton's Trail

Easton's Trail 3

Easton's Trail

Easton's Trail 4

Easton's Trail

Love Bump 1

Love Bump

Love Bump 2

Love Bump

Love Bump 3

Love Bump

Love Bump 4

Love Bump

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