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Whether you're looking for where to ride, bike repair tips, products reviews, or anything else cycling related, we hope you can find what you're looking for here!

Holiday Gift Guide

We've compiled our list of the best gifts to give the bike lover in your life this Christmas! So make life easy and check out this simple list of products that are in stock and universal for everyone

Spring cycling

Springtime riding is something that we look forward to all winter long as we eagerly anticipate the arrival of sunshine and warmth. It means something a little different for everyone, but no matter what type of riding you're into, there's something for everyone here.

How to Choose a Bike Saddle

Trying to find a bike seat to make your rides more comfortable usually takes some trial and error, but with a few tips we can get you in the right ballpark! Sitbone measurement is often used, but it only helps so much as we explain here.

Winter Commuting Tips in Canada

Not everything you hear about winter cycling applies to our snowy and cold winters here. But with our personal experience, we should have some tips to make your daily ride a little better!