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Road & Gravel Bike Guide 

Keep It Light, On and Off the Beaten Path

Explore the beautiful scenery in Southern Alberta by bike. Whether you prefer to cruise on the road or take the gravel trails - there’s a road or gravel bike tailored to your needs. Shop online or visit us to learn more about our bike selection, proper bike fit, and how to accessorize your ride.

Choose Your Bike

Gravel Bikes

Switching terrain is a snap on a gravel bike. Designed with versatility in mind, gravel bikes have similar geometry and performance to road bikes, with the added dynamic ability of off-road tires. Get where you want to go on any landscape.

Electric Bikes

Got a need for speed? Double your distance - and hill climbing acumen - with an electric road bike. Features like pedal assist motors and high capacity batteries can help propel you down roads. Not even the wind can catch you on an electric roadie!

Performance Bikes

If sleek and fast is your style, a race-oriented road bike will keep you in a low, powerful position, out of the wind, and ahead of the pack. We offer everything from affordable aluminum models to world class carbon fiber bikes.

Touring Bikes

Put even more miles behind you with a touring bike, a slightly more relaxed option that will keep you comfortably pedaling. Touring bikes are built to handle everything from smooth pavement to dusty trails and any other terrain life throws at you.

Get the Gear You Need

Now that you’ve found the bike of your dreams, find the clothing and accessories that will take your ride over the top. We have everything you might need for your next adventure.

Cycling Computers

Stay connected anywhere you ride with a bike computer. You can track your ride & performance, navigate the area, and even get health statistics, depending on your needs - there’s a cyclocomputer out there for every kind of rider.

Cycling Apparel

Suit up for your ride with the right clothing. We carry everything from bibs to bar mitts in a wide range of styles so you can look and feel good on any terrain.  Refresh your cycling wardrobe with fashionable and functional new apparel. Stop by the shop to try on your next riding digs today.


The most important piece of gear for any kind of ride is a good helmet. Modern helmets are more protective and comfortable than ever and are styled to fit every rider’s personal preferences. Stay ahead of the safety curve with a well-fitting, high-quality helmet. 

Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes offer several advantages over traditional footwear. Improve stability and alignment for a safer ride by clipping in, and engage more muscle groups from the ability to pull up on the pedals. Whether you’re heading for local trails or riding around town, cycling shoes are an essential piece of gear for getting the most out of your ride.

Indoor Trainers

Sometimes, the weather just isn’t our friend. When the cold winds rise and the sleet won’t stop, keep your momentum going by hooking up your bike to an indoor trainer. Experience the benefits of a good hard ride when it fits your schedule - everything can be adjusted to your riding style and fitness.

Still need a hand with finding your dream bike?

Call the shop or visit us for more tips and advice from our team of experts. We’re always here to help.